Khloe Kardashian Decided To Lose Weight Because She 'Hurt' Her Family's 'Brand'


After all, Kylie pretty much grew up in the spotlight and doesn't know another "normal" than the one she's always lived.

Speaking of the shock incident, the now pregnant star recalls the family urging to her, "Khloé, you got to lose weight cause you're really hurting the brand". However, she has confirmed potential baby names. I took a pregnancy test and I was screaming. "[The crew] gets to see what I was going through without them knowing", she shared. Khloe Kardashian even posted her first Instagram pic of the new year that featured the two smooching and the caption, "Day 1 of 2018".

"First it was Tristan because he kept saying, 'You're pregnant, ' and I was like, 'Be quiet I'm not pregnant, '" the "Revenge Body" star said.

The speculations about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy were there since September when her pregnancy news broke on the internet, but in the recent time, Kylie's fans are eagerly waiting for her to confirm her pregnancy.

Her walk in closet, is also being refurbished into a nursery.

Kardashian also revealed that the baby's gender will be revealed on Keeping Up WIth the Kardashians.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Khloe was talking about cravings when DeGeneres suddenly asked, "Is Kylie craving anything yet?"

"So it was Alexa, my assistant, Tristan and I. We were the only ones that knew for a few weeks until I was able to tell my family", she added.