IPhone X Successors Expected To Be Launched in Fall 2018


It sounds like the iPhone X's time in the sun might be short lived.

Renowned analyst and Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo has warned that Apple's latest iPhone will be in its "end of life" stage in the summer of 2018.

Going off a reliable source, AppleInsider says disappointing sales of the iPhone X are the leading cause of its inevitable cancellation. That may mean a lower resolution than the "Super Retina" screen on the iPhone X and other compromises, but in general Apple's goal with the new model will be to keep costs down.

iPhone 6 Plus Upgrade: It may be possible to upgrade your iPhone 6 Plus to an iPhone 6s Plus, BGR notes.

As KGI uses the normal calendar, while Apple's fiscal calendar is a quarter ahead of that, we can expect the mentioning of weakening iPhone X sales in the company's guidance for fiscal Q2. It also remains unclear what will come of existing iPhone models that still incorporate Touch ID. However, this year, the nearly new iPhone X could be dumped in favour of the new phones. All three of them would feature the Face ID facial recognition system.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will stick around for at least another generation too.

Apple's iPhone naming convention is a bit of a mess, and doesn't fit with the rest of its product lineup. The iPhone X is also viewed as being expensive which has again turned consumers off.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office said it has formally assigned the case to the intellectual property-related crime unit, Yonhap news agency late on Saturday. That's something we've seen with the iPhone 7, for example, when the iPhone 8 was released.

A report today suggests iPhone X won't be moved to a second-tier spot in Apple's iPhone collection: not now, not ever.

However the bad news is that it looks like only devices that are eligible for whole-device repairs will get the replacements, and even then Apple does not specify which iPhone 6 Plus units are eligible either.

Analyst Daniel Ives tells The Sun that predictions of the iPhone X being culled this year are probably false.

Kuo still has some positive news for Apple, though.