Indonesia Stock Exchange Floor Collapses, And Dozens Are Injured


A walkway at the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) building in Jakarta collapsed around noon on Monday, January 15, causing more than 70 people to sustain injuries.

It was also the site of a auto bombing that was orchestrated by an Islamist militant group back in September 2000, though police have ruled out terrorism as a possible cause for this incident, Reuters reported.

Although the cause of the collapse has not been identified, there is no indication at this stage that it is terror related.

Figures released by five hospitals showed 77 people were injured.

CCTV footage of the incident shows workers and visitors walking through the building when suddenly the floor gives way, sending them plunging several meters towards the ground.

IDX president director Tito Sulistio said fewer than 20 people were injured.

It was reported that a group of university students from the island of Sumatra visiting the building on a study tour were among the injured.

A spokeswoman for Jakarta's Siloam Hospital said it received more than two dozen victims. The trading area of the stock exchange was unaffected, although the building, which also houses offices, was evacuated.

"I think it is probably safe to rule it out at this stage", he said.

There are understood to have been no fatalities, and the exchange has offered to pay the students' medical costs.

Indonesia has been known to have relatively poor construction standards, and corruption sometimes means safety checks are not always thoroughly carried out.

The police are now investigating the collapse, which was captured by closed-circuit television cameras.