India steps up China border patrols, vows to handle 'assertiveness'


Rawat, who was talking to reporters, said that minor construction continues to take place in Doklam but past year the face-off happened because it saw personnel from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) moving in large amount of equipment. "China is trying to exert pressure, but we will not allow our territory to be encouraged".

Expressing confidence in India's capability of handling an increasingly assertive China, the general said: "For too long we kept our focus on the western front".

"China is emerging as a powerful country, though I will not call it a global power". China is a powerful country, the Army chief admitted, but added that India is not a weak nation either. "They are more concerned about tasks at hand to get success, that is why sometimes it is leading to higher casualty rate", said the Army Chief in New Delhi. We felt a change in the status quo.(But) all effort was made by us to ensure it does not lead to a conflict. He said the road construction had been on in Doklam since 2000 but the Chinese soldiers had come close to Tosa Bala, dividing north and south Doklam in June past year just before the India-China standoff started. The military would also concentrate on thwarting infiltration attempts in the some northern areas of Bandipore district, he added.

Referring to the U.S. warnings to Pakistan over its handling of terrorism, he said India will have to wait and see its impact. "We also need to build capacity to move forces from western sector to northern sectors". "We will have to do our own job", he said, adding the U.S. had its own "compulsions" to maintain relations with Pakistan. "We have to get systems that are best suited for our requirements", he added. Hiranyagarbha - the Terrabit Transport Cross Connect, a trusted network router & Army Air Defence Deployment Simulator System (A2D2S2) were also unveiled.

Rawat said that the Army was focusing on bolstering its capacity to move ammunition from one sector to another. On the increasing border transgressions and contact between Indian and Chinese soldiers, he said the numbers have gone up as India had deployed more troops in more forward positions along the border.