Defense attorney says client killed 2 California deputies


Luis Bracamontes is charged with murdering Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff's Detective Mike Davis, Jr. during a crime spree that also included carjacking and other shooting victims in October of 2014. One point that his legal team will argue is that a blood test after his arrest showed that Bracamontes had methamphetamine in his system. Only thing that I f***ing regret is that I f***ing just killed two. "I wish I fucking killed more of those motherfuckers". Bracamontes said there's no need for a trial, but the judge ruled it will still go on. Barbour said Bracamontes wrote a suicide note before surrendering.

Hector Bracamontes wept as his brother began shouting at him in Spanish, and later told the judge that the defendant told him "to not get upset, to send them to hell".

Bracamontes grinned throughout the first portion of Norgaard's statement, laughed out loud when the prosecutor said he cared only about his dogs, and stared at spectators in the courtroom who include the dead deputies' families. White denied the motion.

Barbour, who along with partner Norm Dawson has questioned Bracamontes' sanity, then asked the judge to reconsider his finding that Bracamontes is mentally competent to stand trial. Bracamontes' own attorney admitted that his client did it, telling the jury, "He shot them both", preferring to focus on mitigating evidence that could help Bracamontes avoid the death penalty, according to the Sacramento Bee.

"We believe these outbursts and the inappropriate laughter are part of the mental illness that we talked about earlier", attorney Jeffrey Barbour, argued. "Please take me with you".

His 41-year-old wife, Janelle Marquez Monroy, an American citizen, faces life in prison if she is found guilty of assisting him.

Separate juries are hearing the cases against the couple.

Along with killing the two officers, prosecutors say that Bracamontes shot a motorist in the head, killing the driver, and wounded another officer in a violent rampage.

Bracamontes' wife has remained mostly quiet during the pretrial proceedings, although at times she has cried at the defense table as her husband has acted out. Only jurors hearing Bracamontes' case were in court at the time of his comments.