Colin Firth Says He Won't Work With Woody Allen Again


Woody Allen's adopted daughter Dylan Farrow has given her first TV interview about her sexual assault claims against the director. She called on other actors to support her. The accusations have resurfaced in recent years.

Chalamet is just the latest cast member of an Allen production to express regret or guilt about being professionally associated with the director.

Firth, who appeared in Allen's 2014 film, Magic in the Moonlight, told The Guardian on Thursday that he won't be doing anything with Allen in the future. Colin Firth also announced his decision to not work with Allen again the same day Farrow's interview was aired.

Since the reckoning around sexual predation began felling big-time Hollywood types like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Brett Ratner last October, there have been a handful of artists so sought-after to work alongside that their sexual misconduct was largely ignored. "Please know they are deeply felt and appreciated".

"To me, it's a mixture of idealism and opportunism and hypocrisy".

You can read the full list of people who have spoken out here.

In her first television interview, Dylan Farrow tearfully described her father this week as a liar.

"A Rainy Day in New York" is the fourth project for Allen with Amazon, which bet heavily on the filmmaker to help establish its film production arm as a home to auteur filmmakers.

But given the growing discomfort surrounding Allen, who has remarkably released a movie every year since 1982, financing may be harder to find. It has happened many times when I was in a group of women and when we talk about that, most of the time 100% of the women have been in this kind of situation. Kim Masters, editor-at-large for The Hollywood Reporter, told CBC News. "And that they are enough to change things", she said. "I don't know, I don't know what, yeah I'm very ignorant about this story and I just see that it hurts to see people suffering".

Dylan also dismissed his story that she was brainwashed into claiming all this. Previn was 22 and Allen was 56.

Her mother, Mia Farrow, was out that day.

Farrow also denied Allen's suggestion that her mother had "coached" her into to believing her father had molested her. Mira Sorvino - who won an Oscar for her role in 1996's "Mighty Aphrodite" - has apologised to Farrow for "turning a blind eye" to the sexual abuse allegations she made against Allen. They were married in 1997 and have two adopted children of their own. But 2018 might-might-be the year that all that comes to an end. Allen's film Blue Jasmine received 3 Academy Award nominations that year, including one for him for Best Original Screenplay. Allen allegedly kissed his daughter all over her body and touched her private part. Thus far, men have left most of the Time's Up movement to be handled by women.

"This revolution that is happening right now is necessary and this is a great revolution", she said. "We need to eliminate the thought police".

Despite all of this mitigating evidence, despite the fact that there was not even enough evidence to pursue an indictment against Allen, a number of high-profile actors and actresses, in the name of #MeToo, have launched a campaign to destroy Allen's career through a blacklist meant to make it socially unacceptable to work with him.