Coach Martin says NMSU should emulate its Arizona Bowl opponent


Togiai was also one of USU's four captains for the Arizona Bowl, joining fellow seniors Jalen Davis (cornerback), Kent Myers (quarterback) and Dallin Leavitt (safety). A year's worth of emotional highs and lows were all represented in the Aggies' final outing - game-changing interceptions and timely runs made brief appearances, as did failed third down conversions and crucial missed opportunities.

This year the Pac-12 saw Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, Stanford, Washington State, Arizona State, USC and Washington all lose and the Utes be the only team to pick up a win. "Seniors always play with passion (and) Ian's no different, so it's always nice to get a guy back, and the late bowl game gave us an advantage to do that". That response came courtesy of Savon Scarver, who found a seam on the subsequent kick return and took it up the sideline for a 96-yard house call.

This award was created by Charlie Rogers, a close friend of the Atkins' family, and his former New Mexico State teammates.

All this, and five minutes had yet to run off the clock. By halftime, the Arizona Bowl was tied at 13-13, and all signs pointed to a storybook finish. That was the high water mark for Arizona State's defense. Additionally, No. 89 averaged 44.6 yards per punt.

And yet, the score remained tied.

"Their punter was fantastic for them all night and it was really hard to get things done (offensively) when you're (constantly) back on your own 10", NMSU head coach Doug Martin said. This was the program's first bowl game that went to OT.

Beyond those brief fireworks, big plays were few and far between. Nearly non-existent in Friday's game until the fourth quarter, Scott dragged his left cleat through the end zone turf enough to overturn the call on the field, resulting in a New Mexico State touchdown.

Before that, the sides' only other trips to the end zone were through special teams. The Aggies managed a first down before stalling, sending the kicking unit to redeem itself.

NOTES: This was Utah State's sixth bowl game in seven years and 12th in school history.