Airliners collide at Toronto's Pearson Airport, passengers safe


Passengers were forced to evacuate via emergency slides in the freezing cold on Friday night after two planes collided on the ground at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. The WestJet plane was stationary when it was clipped by a Sunwing aircraft, which was being towed.

The Washington Post said that 168 passengers were aboard a WestJet Boeing 737 that landed safely from Cancun, but then struck an empty Sunwing jet which workers were towing across the runway.

A video shot from close range by an eyewitness went viral on social media platforms just after the incident.

One video showed children frantically looking around and yelling as they awaited instruction. One person from the Toronto Pearson ground crew, however, apparently sustained injuries and was hospitalized, according to CTV.

Gustavo Lobo, a passenger on the WestJet flight, said passengers heard a crunch when the other aircraft collided with it. "We regret this incident and are cooperating fully with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada's investigation", a spokesperson told CBC.

'People screaming and panicking all while the flight attendants shouted to try and control the situation'.

Soon after the mishap, Westjet passengers safely managed to slide down the emergency exit.

'After a couple of seconds the entire thing ignited and it was chaos inside the plane.

"Due to the position of the aircraft on the laneway, WestJet guests required evacuation via emergency slide". The incident caused "serious" damage but no causalities.

The Transportation Safety Board was onsite at Toronto Pearson Friday to investigate the collision, the airport confirmed.

Luckily, the Sunwing plane that was being towed by the ground handling service provider at that time had no passenger on board.