A Woman Actually, Successfully Returned Her Dead Christmas Tree


A woman shamelessly walked into a Los Angeles Costco last week to demand a refund for her "dead" Christmas tree.

While many of us were trying to figure out where to discard our Christmas trees, one woman made a decision to return hers.

Rumors of the return have been making the rounds on Facebook thanks to one man's post.

A woman in California returned a dead Christmas tree to Costco on January 4, according to a customer who snapped a photo of the exchange.

And even though Yule fur trees are pretty much dead once you chop them down a month or so before Christmas, she got her refund, according to another customer.

He shared the photo on Facebook, writing: "I can't make this stuff up".

Surprisingly, Costco did issue the woman a refund, Bentely said in his post.

The woman was slammed on social media by users branding her "cheap" and "brazen". She was also shamed a little by the store and other customers, according to the post. But I don't think it fazed her because she has no conscience.

But her approach is something to keep in mind for next year, eh?

The woman has not been identified.