3 reasons why Bears made the right decision hiring Matt Nagy


The Chicago Bears, who interviewed Shurmur last week, announced Monday that they will name Matt Nagy head coach. Nagy has been Reid's offensive coordinator the past two seasons and took over play-calling duties midseason when the Chiefs' offense needed a spark. But I called every play in that second half.

So there you have it. The Chiefs struggled without him, but Nagy assumed the blame. Kansas City incorporated RPOs because of quarterback Alex Smith's outstanding athleticism. Among other heinous indiscretions.

While the Chiefs finished sixth in points (25.9) and fifth in total offense (375.4 yards) in 2017, Nagy inherits a Chicago offense that ranked 29th in points (16.5) and 30th in total offense (287.4).

Under Reid, the coordinator seldom gets an opportunity to call plays, as Reid does the play-calling himself.

Chiefs fans were nonplussed - by all of it. The other six are now John Harbaugh (Baltimore Ravens), Ron Rivera (Carolina Panthers), Todd Bowles (New York Jets), Sean McDermott (Buffalo Bills), Doug Pederson (Philadelphia Eagles), and Andy Reid himself (Kansas City Chiefs). Was Reid just covering for Nagy and trying to shield him from blame? Impressive numbers for a first time playcaller.

"You lose a player like Kelce, you've got to adapt", Nagy said.

Nagy will have to answer more tough questions about that game, but he might have impressed GM Ryan Pace with his answers. It wasn't a stunningly good showing on its own. Picking the right head coach was the first piece.

The only problem with Nagy is the coaches he will bring in as the assistants.

The exciting thing about Nagy is that he is a young energetic coach. Maybe he's still a little green. "That's a learning situation for me". There's scenarios where I wish I would have made some different choices with the playcall. "That was a failure in my book for me". I'll learn from it. "I'll use that as a strength here for me with the Chicago Bears".

As well he should. Nagy zoomed up in a decade and helped Reid when his atrocious play calling had the Chiefs in a mid-season slump.

At least he'll have a bit more time to do that then he had for a major change in his career trajectory from Kansas City to Chicago. "Period", said Pace. "We knew exactly what we were looking for in our head coach". Pace, who admitted he had "mixed emotions" watching the game, came away from the interviewing believing in what Nagy was selling. There were no known second interviews. Pace said. "But you've got to look for the substance behind it all". In fact that may be more important than Trubisky's development.

Nagy's fun approach and ability to communicate and relate quickly won over the K.C. locker room. "When there's gray area, bad things happen". There will be hardships and setbacks along the way - and yes, you hope Nagy isn't having to apologize to his team or the media on a weekly basis for his mistakes. First, Fangio was a candidate for the head coach job and didn't get it.

In Philadelphia, Nagy was both an offensive assistant and a offensive quality control coach. I know that our offense and our offensive staff supports me.

"But I called every play in that second half".