Young runner helps struggling woman to marathon finish line


"She said 'OK, sounds good, ' but I think she was confused".

Self had fallen and gotten up a few times when high school runner Ariana Luterman ran over to help her.

Incidentally, administrators of the non-elite race did deliberate before giving Self the victory, ruling that she would have won even if she hadn't received assistance.

As for hero of the hour Luterman, she said she had no option but to help Self when she saw the state she was in. In the meantime, she's reveling in her win, her first marathon win at that, which she called a "dream come true".

Second place Caitlin Keen, who finished with a time of 2:56:37, had no complaints either.

'Right when I caught up with her at the [relay team's] 2.5-mile mark, I told her: '"ust so you know, the high school relay is out here to compete with you guys". "No way was I going to just gonna start sprinting and just leave her there".

While Luterman might not get a medal for her efforts, she's receiving a lot of credit and appreciation from the sports world in the wake of her selfless gesture. You can be training years for a marathon.

After self was treated by marathon staff, she returned for post race interviews and recalled Luterman telling her: "You can do it. We can see it".

But we'd say both Self and Luterman were winners.

Grunewald said they looked at the distance between Self and other runners and decided she still would have won without the assistance.

Medics carted Self off before she and Luterman could exchange words, but she said she is thankful to Luterman for going out of her way for her. Luterman, who not only runs in real life but also runs her own nonprofit for homeless children, called Team Ariana, said any of her teammates would have done what she did.