Twitter Threads make tweet storms an official feature


Additionally, Twitter has also made it easy to spot a Twitter thread.

By adding a plus button to the area where a tweet is composed, users will be able to connect a stream of tweets and publish them all at the same time. It's a curious sentiment considering Twitter users have been clamoring for years for some kind of edit function and have yet to receive it, but we digress. Twitter is going to institute a threading feature created to make it easier for you to jot down thoughts in a series. When you go to create a tweet, you'll see a new plus button in the composer. You can also go back later and add more tweets to the thread. Twitter hopes its new feature can help organize things - and surely raise engagement in the process.

Oh, and who can forget this epic, 127-tweet thread that went viral a year ago: Strategic intelligence analyst Eric Garland went on and on about how almost every event in American political history led to Russian Federation interfering with last year's presidential election.

The move builds on the company's recent decision to abandon its traditional 140-character count for 280 characters to allow people more room per tweet - even as the social network struggles to clarify its policies on what is appropriate conduct on Twitter. The new tool lets you click on a plus sign to add another tweet to one that you're composing. Threads will have a "Show this thread" label and tapping it will open the entire thread. Then you say what you want to say in a second tweet, hit the button again to add further thoughts, and so on and so on. Other times, a thread can be a very big waste of time that exists merely for the person to let you know that they're smart. The new threading features are rolling out to everyone on iOS, Android, and in the coming weeks.