Trump's Lawyer Denies Reports Mueller Subpoenaed Deutsche Bank Financial Records


A person familiar with Mueller's investigation told the news agency Reuters on Tuesday that Germany's largest bank received a subpoena from the usa special counsel several weeks ago to provide information on certain money and credit transactions, confirming a report by German daily Handelsblatt published on the same day. The one exception was Deutsche Bank, to which Trump owed $364 million as of the end of a year ago.

A Justice Department report released Tuesday shows Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation spending $3.2 million between its formation in mid-May and the end September.

United States investigators are said to be demanding information on dealings linked to Mr Trump as part of an investigation into alleged Russian influence in the USA presidential election, according to Handelsblatt and Reuters.

Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank stretches back some two decades and the roughly $300 million he owes to the bank represents almost half of his outstanding debt, according to a July 2016 analysis compiled by Bloomberg news agency. And he also has deep financial entanglements with alleged Russian oligarchs and mobsters. Mueller also disclosed that he secured a guilty plea from George Papadopoulos, who was a junior foreign-policy adviser to the Trump campaign, for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about contacts with Russian operatives.

While Trump campaigned during the 2016 election, the bank rejected calls to be transparent about exactly how much money Trump owes and why.

- There's the question of whether obstruction of justice took place, for which evidence is growing by the day. Last week Michael Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser, pleaded guilty to a single count of making false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Trump has denied any wrongdoing.

During his White House campaign, Trump said he would seek to improve ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which had been frequently strained during President Barack Obama's administration.

- Jeff Sessions repeatedly told Congress that neither he nor anyone else on the Trump campaign had any contact with Russians, which we now know was false; not only did Sessions have multiple contacts with Kislyak, he was aware of contacts George Papadopoulos had with Russians. In 2008 Trump sued the bank to get out of $40 million in guarantees he had made them on his loan. If Mueller is getting deep into Trump's finances, we may well find out just what he's been working so hard to keep the public from finding out.