Smith-Schuster, Iloka suspended one game each


Specifically, with 7:10 remaining, on a passing play to a running back, you lined up a defender and delivered a violent and unnecessary blindside shot to his head and neck area. Burfict is one of the NFL's villains, an oft-punished player due to dirty hits.

"I didn't think it was warranted, I thought maybe a fine", Roethlisberger said of Smith-Schuster's discipline. Brown held on to the ball to score the eventual tying touchdown.

NFL Vice President of Football Operations JON RUNYAN issued the suspensions. The penalty from that play helped the Steelers kick a game-winning field goal.

The NFL announced Tuesday that the Steelers receiver would be suspended one game for his actions, and one of his teammates became very vocal and heated about the league's decision.

He said he had yet to watch a television copy of the block, but stood by his postgame statement that Smith-Schuster's "actions after the hit were more disturbing than the hit itself". "Those hits are teachable moments".

After the game, Smith-Schuster took to social media to apologize. "I can assess a judgment on the fact that he stood over him and that's not how we play and that's not reflective of the sportsman he is".

He did say he didn't single out Burfict, Public Enemy No. 1 in Pittsburgh, in retaliation for past hits on Brown and RB Le'Veon Bell, ripping up Bell's knee late in the 2015 season. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting. I shouldn't have done that. "I apologize for that and with that being said, I hope he gets better".

"I didn't know it was Burfict at first", the rookie said. Karma is karma. Karma is in life. You got to acknowledge it and he's got to work hard so that people understand who he is from a sportsmanship standpoint. Their 32 major penalties, such as unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct, in the same time span is almost twice as many as any other matchup in the same period.

By a kid who just got his driver's license, is barely old enough to drink, but has already cemented a legacy in Steelers history by simply punching the bully in the mouth; or more accurately, blocking him in to next week. "But my job as a head coach as Pittsburgh Steelers is to minimize those things that we're involved in before they occur, and we do".