'Season 3 is officially happening' Netflix announces more Stranger Things to come


"We just have to keep adjusting the story".

Good news, everybody! Netflix has officially announced that Stranger Things has been renewed for a third season. This was a foregone conclusion, but at least it's all nice and official now. Here are 7 of those items.

We can't wait for the next season to begin! But, what about his dad? But with so much of Stranger Things relying on specific characters, it's unlikely fans would respond positively to any re-casting. Let us know in the comments! Some might be dead, but some might be alive, and hopefully we'll see more of them in the next season and see what different types of abilities they have.

Here's hoping poor Will has an easier time this go around. You can't start right after season two ended.

As for if he would sign on for a third season, he added: "I would definitely do it. It wasn't meant to be a seven-season thing". Plus, they've been through enough together at this point that there's no reason to not team up and work through it all as a large group.

Stranger Things takes place in the fictional Hawkins, Indiana where the government has conducted experiments on children and opened up a doorway to the mysterious Upside Down.

What better way to kick off December than with the exciting-and obvious-news that Stranger Things isn't coming to an end anytime soon?

According to Netflix, the upcoming series will see a return of all key characters, including Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, David Harbour as police chief Jim Hopper, Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler and Millie Bobby Brown as mysteriously powerful child Eleven. Plus, with Steve still around, how will he handle that? "There will be a time jump for sure", they told us. They also revealed that there will likely be a fourth season that will probably be the show's last.

Stranger Things has been given the go-ahead for season three by Netflix.