Rob Gronkowski hits Bills player with cheap shot from behind


Late in the fourth quarter of the New England Patriots' Week 13 matchup with the Buffalo Bills, Gronkowski nailed Tre'Davious White with a cheap shot after the Bills cornerback came down with an interception.

White was laying on the ground after intercepting Tom Brady late in Sunday's game when Gronkowski, the intended receiver on the play, slammed his shoulder into the back of White's neck after the whistle had blown.

The Patriots got off to a slow start in the first half when the Bills held them to just three field goals.

White, who was turned away and didn't see it coming, was clearly shaken up and possibly is concussed.

"That's just dirty football", Bills safety Micah Hyde said.

Gronkowski apologized for his actions after the game. "I just want to apologize to Tre'Davious White".

"I'm not in the business of that", he said.

Given how tight of a ship the Patriots run, we imagine Gronkowski will be on his best behavior for the remainder of the season. "I think anybody else in the league who made that play, or who did such an act, would be ejected. I don't really believe in types of shots like that".

"No, I understand. It was bulls***". It's like insane. Like, what am I supposed to do? It just happened natuually through emotions and frustration. And then they don't call that, I mean.