Priyank Sharma says Hina Khan is insecure of Shilpa Shinde


Shilpa Shinde nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she was in deep conversation with foe-turned-friend Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

She also added how people post that episode called her a scare-crow and 'Bhagaudi.' Shilpa laughingly takes the blame and tells him people who can not deal with her should stay away. She says she had offered and how could she not offer. She tells her that she will have no one in her life.

Bigg Boss introduces the captaincy task wherein both the contenders will be the DJs. Shilpa quietly walks away and goes in the kitchen. The contestants are allowed to show their support by dancing for their favorite DJ who they see as the next captain. Current captain Hiten would be chosen as the sanchalak for this task. Priyank and Luv talk about Hina's increasing insecurities. But, when the music plays, Puneesh comes and choses Vikas over Pryank.

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Will Vikas Gupta become a good captain? Every time a song played whoever the housemates supported, they would go and dance on the floor set up in front of their favourite contender.

Vikas reveals that Shilpa had been using Veet instead of cream while torturing Hina. Hina Khan is heard saying that Arshi is giving unnecessary footage to Shilpa who is smart enough to remain in the spotlight by amking people do all this around her. Luv Tyagi on the pother hand discusses Hina's insecurity about being invisible with Priyank Sharma. Priyank also says that why Hina thinks that she will go till the finale, because it's Salman, who said that to her on one weekend.