Pennsylvania woman shocked by $284 bln electricity bill


A United States woman got the shock of her life after receiving an electricity bill of US$284.46 billion (NZ$404.53 billion). She was charged $284 billion by Penelec, her electricity provider.

The Times-News reported that Mary Horomanski received an online statement claiming her account balance was $284,460,000,000.

'We had put up Christmas lights and I wondered if we had put them up wrong'.

Horomanski first thought her holiday decorations were responsible for all the extra zeroes.

Horomanski told Go Erie that her eyes "just about popped out of [her] head" when she saw it.

The full amount, thankfully, wasn't due until November 2018, but Horomanski's minimum payment for December was $28,156. Mark Durbin, who is a spokesperson for Penelec's parent company, FirstEnergy, told the Erie News-Times, a decimal point was accidentally moved.

After reaching out to the electric company, the bill was soon corrected to $284.46.

"I can't recall ever seeing a bill for billions of dollars", Durbin said, adding that while he does not know how the error happened, it's obviously a few orders of magnitude out of line.

Horomanski's experience with the massive bill gave her an idea for a unique Christmas present. "I opened it up and there it was", she told the Washington Post.