Obama: Cities, states new climate change leaders


Trump chose to pull the United States out of the Paris accord, considered to be the world's most important environmental pact because of its global reach and its long-term goals, arguing that it was "disadvantageous" for the country.

"Global carbon emissions and global temperatures are still on the rise: 2015 was the warmest year on record until 2016 became the warmest on record", former President Barack Obama, who addressed the mayors who gathered to sign the climate agreement, said.

"Miami already floods on sunny days", Obama said.

They will build on UNESCO's updated Strategy for Action on Climate Change, adopted by the 195 Member States in November at the General Conference. In June, President Trump announced he was withdrawing the USA from the non-binding global agreement that aims to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. "And that's a hard position to defend".

Between July and September, the U.S. GDP, a gauge of economic output, grew at three percent-continuing similar growth reported in the previous quarter.

"And cities and states and businesses and universities and nonprofits have emerged as the new face of American leadership on climate change".

Among theof what cities - including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington - plan to do are to reduce greenhouse gas emission by up to 28% and also to track each city's goals. "We're on that path and we know our American sisters and brothers are".

"From closing coal plants, to investing in electric vehicles and public transportation, to reducing electricity usage in our buildings, to updating streetlights across the city, Chicago is showcasing to the world the impact that cities can have on climate change for their residents and for people around the world", Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to address the gathering of mayors from around the globe to discuss climate change. However, Trump was still made guest of honor at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris in July, with Macron saying he hoped to change the American president's mind on the issue.

"You may withdraw", says Emanuel, referring to Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

Emanuel says the participating mayors are filling a leadership void created by Trump by signing a first-of-its-kind worldwide charter agreement aligned to the Paris climate agreement that commits their cities to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming and outlines specific plans for meeting the carbon emission reduction targets by 2025. "But we're all in on the Paris protocols".