Netflix Unveils Trailers And Release Date For Season 4 of "Black Mirror"


A final full trailer for Black Mirror season 4 has arrived, combining clips from the previously released episode trailers for an ominous collection of footage that is ironically soundtracked by Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World".

The highly anticipated Black Mirror Season 4 premieres on Netflix December 29th with six new stories from Charlie Booker.

Taker a look at it above! The "reality is an episode of Black Mirror" refrain is still relevant in these surreal times-most recently, people have been getting weird vibes from the wildly popular iPhone game HQ Trivia. The trailer also comes with a release date for the season, which will hit the streaming service on December 29, 2017.

"Black Mirror", the science-fiction show that shows the dark side of technology, is about to boldly go forth with a Star Trek homage.

The announcement caps off a lengthy publicity run that has seen trailers, posters and other promotional materials released for each episode distinct episode.

Season 4 offers a variety of episodes I can't wait to see. "Hang the DJ" immerses itself in the real-life horror that is online dating.

Jodie Foster is also alongside the directors and assisting in bringing the disquieting tales to fruition.

The fourth season of Black Mirror is only three weeks away. They never get old, and there is no way you'll get sick of the twists at the end.

In an interview with the Independent, co-creator Annabel Jones said: "I think all the new episodes in the fourth season all feel very different - there are things we've not yet explored and genres we haven't tackled".

Finally, we have "Black Museum", which features a some sort of advanced crime museum.