LG Announces ThinQ Smart Speaker With Google Assistant


LG is hopping on to the smart speaker bandwagon with one of its own.

The LG SK10Y Dolby Atmos soundbar is equipped with technology designed by Meridian Audio, which promises a high-quality an immersive audio experience.

The device is said to show itself in all its glory during the 2018 CES event in January. The company has announced the new entries to its ThinQ speaker setup including a new smart assistant-powered tabletop speaker, although sans a personal assistant of its own.

While there have been numerous Alexa-based smart speakers available in the market, the market for Google Assistant is still quite low, despite the significant competition that Google is capable of giving Amazon in the smart speaker segment.

LG "ThinQ" can reportedly control smart home devices via Google Assistant and a voice app from the company that also controls other smart home appliances in the "ThinQ" line-up.

Just having things around that make sound isn't good enough anymore. This can be done by using audio commands such as "OK Google, Talk to LG", followed by the action you want an LG device to perform.

LG's take on the platform looks interesting but we'll have to wait for CES 2018 to find out more about the ThinQ smart speaker.

The device is cylindrical shaped and also has LED lights. The PK series of speakers will offer powerful and undistorted bass and will be optimised for speech and vocals.

There's no info regarding the price-details of the device or about when it would get released.

We will also be seeing all-in-one party machines from LG soon, for karaoke parties offering lighting effects as well.