Kim Kardashian's Instagram post reignites Taylor Swift rivalry


Kim Kardashian may have just reignited her feud with Taylor Swift, at least as far as Taylor's fans are concerned. Later that month, Kim released video footage of a phone call that took place between Kanye and Taylor while Kanye was in the studio, proving that Taylor was aware of the song. It features the naked wax sculptures used by West in his "Famous" music video, which was a send-up of celebrity culture that included the likes of President Donald Trump and, yes, Swift in the nude.

The reality star shared a photo of her taking a picture at the 2016 "Famous" exhibit that featured the wax figures of her naked husband, rapper Kanye West, and a naked T-Swift.

Taylor tried to claim Kanye never informed her about said lyrics, Kim released a slew of Snapchat receipts to prove otherwise, and Taylor tried to "remove herself from the narrative".

Is Kim Kardashian back to feuding with Taylor Swift? It dates back to 2009's VMAs scandal and returned in 2016 after a lyric from West joked about having sex with Swift, infamously boasting that he "made that bitch famous".

"I think you can't live without Taylor Swift", one commenter wrote.

Some fans became suspicious after Taylor announced that her upcoming album Reputation would drop on November 10, which is the ten-year anniversary of Kanye's mother's death. They bombarded her comments section with rat emojis. This is obviously reminiscent of that time when Taylor's own Instagram feed was flooded with the snake emoji. For further proof that the drama didn't bring a wrinkle to her perfectly-contoured brow line, the 37-year-old continued to post pictures of her absolutely slaying Yeezy Season 6 looks. "He promised to play the song for me, but he never did".