Israel strikes a Syrian military base


The Syrian state media and Sky News Arabia reported Syria's air-defense system also intercepted two Israeli surface-to-surface missiles.

Israeli missiles struck a military base near Damascus early Saturday morning, Syrian state television said.

However, an Israeli military spokeswoman declined to comment on reports of the attack.

Israel's bombings in Syrian territory typically operate under the guise of combatting the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah, which Israel sees as a primary enemy.

Aljazeera reports that the Israeli raid was targeted at government military sites and Hezbollah positions and that the sound of large explosions caused by the raid was heard in the capital and surrounding areas. The aerial images reproduced by British chain reflected development of military installation between January and October of this year, with construction and rehabilitation of at least five barracks.

Twelve Iranian military personnel were killed in an alleged Israeli air strike on an Iranian base in Syria Friday night, Arabic media reported Saturday. "Arms convoys in particular have been singled out by the Israeli air force". The Islamic Republic aspires to count, like Russian Federation, with its own air and naval bases in Syria and to be able to exploit its uranium mines.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned about Iran's plan to establish a permanent military presence in Syria, and said that "Israel will not let that happen". In short, the BBC spread what it acknowledged to be a mere "claim" based exclusively on an unnamed "Western intelligence source". Israel has vowed to combat Iranian influence in Syria to defend its own interests in the region.