IOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak Will Take Longer to Release


An Apple support document explains that some devices would repeatedly restart on and after December 2, 2017 due to a bug that is related to local notifications. Updates usually bring their own problems and it looks like the latest version of the OS has brought a very peculiar one to the iPhone X. This is the second major update to the original iOS 11 which was released on 19th September by the giant for over 20 different iOS devices including the new iPhones.

One of those affected is Twitter user Grehivin, who ed Apple to find out how to get rid of the annoying error message.

Setting the handset back to before this time appears to resolve the issue, even as close to the mark as 12:14am.

You can download the iOS 11.2 update either in Settings General Software Update or via iTunes - it's about 430 MB on an iPhone X. We usually advise a waiting period before installing such large updates, but given Apple's software quality problems this week, the better part of valor would seem to be to install it right away.

Apple doesn't disable those features so that you can connect your Apple Watch or Apple Pencil, enable Personal Hotspot from another device and use Wi-Fi for more accurate location features.

Reddit users in /r/iphone caught on to the problem and quickly began suggesting solutions.

Apple has released figures that show more than half of its customers have updated to iOS 11.

A bug in iOS 11 caused some iPhones to crash early Saturday as the calendar changed to December 2. The big new feature here is support for Apple Pay Cash. For both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, Apple now allows for 7.5W wireless charging, which will allow you to speed up the wireless charging speeds of your iPhone, as long as your wireless charger is also capable of supplying the required power.

Tap on the app you want to disable. After issuing a final developer beta of iOS 11.2 to developers last night, Apple chose to take the highly unusual step of issuing iOS 11.2 to all iPhone owners to fix the crashing issues today. There's also improvements in the update for wireless charging. It offers live integration to sports channels so you can easily watch out your favourite games through this app.