Heavy snow on tap for Christmas


Beside some passing snow showers, skies will clear and temperatures will fall back below freezing. Use extra caution while traveling as roads may become slick. In any given year, Omaha averages a Christmas snowfall just 33% of the time. If you are traveling late tonight, you shouldn't run into any travel problems until between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. when the heavy snow and rain spreads all across southern New England.

After this system we stay dry, including Christmas. Rain will mix with snow overnight into early this morning.

Snow fell throughout the Chicago area for much of Christmas Eve, prompting a winter weather advisory from the weather service. And other facts about the weather on Christmas Day in the Electric City. Most of the rain was over by Christmas Day, but the day was damp and mild with temperatures in the 50s. Once they reach the lower levels of the atmosphere and the ground, which are both below 32 degrees, a layer of ice forms.

The focus after that will be the arctic air mass that dives south.

And for Christmas Day, the National Weather Service forecasts a 70% chance of another two inches of snow.

The "Christmas Blizzard of 2009" raged over south central Nebraska and northern Kansas for 18 to 24 hours straight-with 30- to 60-mile-per-hour winds creating frequent "white-out" conditions.

A general 3-to-6-inch snowfall is expected, but the stakes are high if we get more than one thunderstorm we may have amounts past six inches.

This blizzard wasn't quite a white Christmas-but East Coasters got their share of snow the day after. But at least this year won't see a "green Christmas" like last year's.

Police also urged motorists to use caution when approaching snow plows, which will be out clearing roadways.