Google's Datally app helps keep your data use under control


"Mobile data is expensive for many people around the world". After discovering the exploit, Google deleted the apps, suspended the developers' accounts, and sent a warning message to all devices that were presumed infected.

So as consumers, we often look for ways to save those extra few megabytes of our mobile data by either reducing our usage or simply switching it off altogether. The top-line function is to give you the big number - the amount of data you used today - see which apps contribute to that number and, if need be, shut off any app from the feed through a VPN. The onus is now on users to carefully vet the lock screen apps they choose to install on their devices if they want to keep such annoying ads behind them.

Setting up Google Datally is pretty easy.

Although the search giant has removed Tizi-infected apps from Play Store, the spyware has already affected around 1,300 devices.

Eden Rose Artuz, 23 a user of the Datally since November 2016, when it was launched for pilot testing, said the application helped her monitor her data usage which she usually uses to communicate with her colleagues and clients of her online business.

Datally works on Android smartphones with Lollipop (5.0) or newer versions of the Google-backed mobile operating system.

Recording calls from WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype. Turn on the Data Saver bubble to block background data usage and track real-time data usage while using each of your apps-it's like a speedometer for your data. Tap "Allow" option at the bottom of your screen.

Protect your smartphone with a lock screen (such as PIN, pattern, or password) to avoid unauthorized access.

Finding quality public Wi-Fi can be a challenge.

Here are the other facts you have to know about Datally. By pressing the bubble at any point, you can block the app from using data. Upon exceeding, your data will automatically be turned off. Datally will tell you if you're near public Wi-Fi and help you connect.

With the Personalized Alerts feature, Datally alerts users when apps start consuming a lot of data, and it allows them to see how much data they've used on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.