Egyptian singer Shyma reportedly jailed for 'suggestively eating banana' in music video


She was sentenced along with Gamal to two years in prison yesterday (December 13) for "inciting debauchery".

Shyma - real name Shaimaa Ahmed - came under fire in Egypt after the music video for her song "I Have Issues" was released last month, prompting outrage in the traditionally conservative country.

Shima appears in the video in her underwear singing while suggestively eating an apple and a banana before a classroom of young men.

According to The Telegraph, Shyma was seen in court covering her face with a niqab and reading the Quran while waiting to receive her prison sentence.

Meanwhile, in 2015, a similar case previous year saw Egyptian courts sentence two female belly dancers to six months in prison also for "inciting debauchery", which prosecutors argued harmed the image of Egyptian women and damaged public morality. It received severe backlash from social media outlets and talk shows that demanded her referral to trial for harming the public morality.

Youm 7 newspaper covered the controversial video's release, writing: "Singer Shyma presents a lesson in depravity to youths".

Shyma previously apologised for the video but didn't expect the outcry.

If Shyma's music video had aired on MTV in the United States, she likely wouldn't be facing jail time.

Ahmed apologized before her arrest to the citizens who took her video "in an inappropriate way".

"I didn't imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack from everyone", Ahmed wrote on her since-deleted Facebook page.

Egyptian authorities under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have used wide-ranging morality laws to crack down on a range of artists. She was accused of "spreading provocative publicity".