Crimes in India in 2016 increased 2.6 per cent: NCRB


Under the head crime against women in metropolitan cities, as many as 1055 cases have been reported from Indore.

Mumbai now has five times lesser cases of crime than the crime capital on India, Delhi and four times lesser cases than Bengaluru.

Further, the NCRB report has given ninth rank to AP based on the crime rate calculated as per population.

Murder decreased by 5.2 per cent (from 32,127 cases in 2015 to 30,450 in 2016), rioting 5 per cent (from 65,255 cases in 2015 to 61,974 in 2016 ), dacoity 4.5 per cent (from 3,972 cases in 2015 to 3,795 in 2016) and robbery 11.8 per cent (from 36,188 cases in 2015 to 31,906 in 2016).

Delhi registered 40 per cent (1,996) of the total number of rape cases in the 19 cities and almost 29 per cent cases each of cruelty meted out by husband and his relatives and dowry deaths across the country. Inhabited by nearly two crore people, Delhi has often remained in focus for its crime rate and incidents of crimes against women, particularly the December 16, 2012 gang rape of Nirbhaya. Though the rape cases saw a marginal decline in AP a year ago, the NCRB data have highlighted another dubious trend. The report shows a slight increase in political murders - 113 in 2016 whereas, it was 96 in 2015. When it comes to sexual harassment, Andhra Pradesh, with 1,305 cases, is behind only three States in the country. Out of the 23,117 persons who were rescued during the year, children made 61.3% of the victims (including victims of 2015). Uttar Pradesh reported the highest number of atrocities against Dalits, the NCRB data show, at 25.6% of all cases reported. However, 159 more rape cases were also registered in the rural areas of Delhi, taking the total number of rape cases in the entire national capital territory to 2,155.

Most Crimes Against Dalits Are Against SC Women: NCRB Data
Crimes in India in 2016 increased 2.6 per cent: NCRB

Under POCSO, Uttar Pradesh again topped the list with 4,954 cases, while Maharashtra had 4,815 cases and Madhya Pradesh registered 4,717 cases. Further, negligent and rash driving claimed 8,685 lives in the State previous year.

Criminal cases involving juveniles in Delhi were 35.6 per cent or 2,368 cases out of 6,645.

A total of 1,11,569 children (41,175 males and 70,394 females) were reported missing in which maximum children missing were reported from West Bengal (15.1%) during 2016.

According to NCRB's 2016 data, a total of 136 murders due to caste conflict have been reported in India in 2016 whereas, the number of the same in 2015 was 828.

According to the reports by the NCRB, almost one in every five crimes registered by the Railway Protection Force occurs in Maharashtra (20.9%).