Classic PS2 Jak and Daxter Games Getting Released On PS4


Sony writes: "Set on an unnamed planet, these games follow the two protagonists, Jak and Daxter, as they try to unlock the secrets of their world and discover mysteries left behind by the Precursors".

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Originally developed by Naughty Dog, all three games will receive the full PS2 Classics treatment (including visuals up-rendered to 1080p and full Trophy support) for their re-release on the PS4. Just over a year later Naughty Dog released Jak 3 in 2004. Now gamers will be able to purchase all four installments separately or as part of a bundle. Interestingly, they chose to take the franchise in another direction when they released their fourth main game, Jak X Combat Racing in 2005. Jak II and Jak 3 added more mature elements, and, in a sense, provided the foundation games like Uncharted and The Last of Us were built on.

By giving Jak a voice, it allowed the developers at Naughty Dog to explore new narrative techniques that allowed them to create a grittier world with a much more developed and evolved storyline.

Together, the entirety of Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter installments will be playable on the current Sony platform.

Sony has announced that three classics versions of the Jak and Daxter series' sequels will be releasing on PlayStation 4 on December 6.