Celebrities Melt Down over Net Neutrality Repeal: 'F*ck the FCC'


The FCC's new rules included a provision that says states can not override the new policies.

But the move toward eliminating the rules has touched off protests in recent months, with ordinary Americans anxious that cable and phone companies would now be able to control what people see and do online. "The courts will consider whether the FCC's reasoning in repealing the rules was arbitrary and capricious", he said.

Ajit Pai, the current FCC Chairman, was appointed by Obama to serve in the minority on the commission, but ascended to the chairmanship after Donald Trump became president.

Over the course of the past year, Pai has steamrolled ahead with this regulation despite not holding a single hearing on the subject; despite the fact that the FCC's public comment system was abused, flooded with fake identical comments signed by people who later said they never submitted anything; and despite the fact that net neutrality is one of the few issues with strong bipartisan support.

BYU grad Johnny Hanna, a serial tech entrepreneur who co-founded Entrata, a successful property management software firm before going on to launch Homie, an online real estate company, told the Deseret News in an earlier story on the FCC proposal that the Title II rules were working fine. "Despite repeated distortions and biased information, as well as misguided, inaccurate attacks from detractors, our internet service is not going to change". "Quite simply, we are restoring the light-touch framework that has governed the internet for most of its existence".

The FCC subscribed to the principle of net neutrality for over a decade and enshrined it in rules adopted in 2015. They should watch for changes in terms of service and privacy policy, and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission when they consider the behavior either deceptive or unfair.

The move is opposed by Democrats, Hollywood and big internet companies like Google parent Alphabet Inc and Facebook Inc, which had urged Pai not to rescind the rules.

"The internet is already free, open and transparent, and startups like us are benefiting from it", Hanna said.

However, AT&T senior executive vice president Bob Quinn said in a blog post that the internet "will continue to work tomorrow just as it always has".

On Monday the FCC and the FTC agreed to share the responsibility to police unfair ISP practices regarding unfair or deceptive practices to block, throttle, or promote web content. "This is the beginning of a longer legal battle".

Consumer advocates - who viewed the vote as a giveaway to corporations such as Comcast - also say it could lead to higher prices for broadband services.

Net neutrality supporters had rallied in front of the FCC building in Washington before the vote.

On the other hand, opponents of the repeal fear that rolling back net neutrality could allow ISPs like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon to throttle or block rival content if its creators don't pay a certain fine.

Now Republicans are the majority on the commission.

He and 17 other Democratic attorneys general, including Pennsylvania's Josh Shapiro, have said the FCC public record leading to the new rules appeared to be laced with fake comments and stolen email addresses.

Substratum is appealing to investors for its ability to essentially circumvent the problems net neutrality's repeal may invite, as the service functions like a more efficient VPN or Tor browser. The 2015 Open Internet Order was upheld by a court this past summer, which, as commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel pointed out, gives the 2015 protections strong legal standing, contrary to what Pai believes. He said 2 million comments were submitted under stolen identities, including those of children and dead people.