Beastie Boys' Adam Horovitz believes sexual misconduct allegations about his father


Former Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz has come out swinging against his famous playwright father, Israel Horovitz, after his dad was accused by multiple women - including his son's high school girlfriend - of sexual misconduct, including rape and the forced fondling and kissing of women as young as 16.

The other women also told stories of sexual misconduct while working with the playwright. Numerous women were teenagers at the time of the incidents. Horovitz had known her since she was a girl, she said.

The Gloucester Stage Company today announced Horovitz had departed.

Horovitz is an award-winning author of approximately 70 plays.

A number of the allegations, detailed in a Times article published November 30, are by women who considered the renowned playwright a mentor.

Israel Horovitz has not denied the allegations but has stated that he had "a different memory of some of these events", apologizing "to any woman who has ever felt compromised by my actions", according to Variety. Elizabeth Neumeier, the Gloucester board's current president, said, "I apologize to the courageous women who came forward in 1992 and 1993 but were not listened to".

"It seemed as if what happened in 1993 was kind of brushed aside by the (Gloucester Stage) board at the time, and when (the stories) weren't posted online, it seemed it all kind of went away".

She continued with an acknowledgment that women's accusations against Horovitz were "grossly mishandled" in the past and said the board will "take any reports seriously". In her statement, Neumeier apologized to the women who came forward in the Phoenix. Such behavior can not be tolerated and our thoughts are with the women who were victimized.

Ermansons revealed her allegations in October after the revelations about Harvey Weinstein began.

An au pair who worked for the family in Paris. A production planned for 2018 has been cancelled, Neumeier said. Jocelyn Meinhardt, then 19, recalled the beginning of her 1989 summer internship at the Gloucester Stage Company in MA - where Horovitz was artistic director - when the playwright drove her to the family home her first night, locked the door and kissed and fondled her as she began to cry. "Nothing like that has happened, and to my knowledge there have not been any incidents here".

25, 2009 at Gloucester Stage in Gloucester, Massachusetts.