Apple Watch gets watchOS 4.2 update with Pay Cash support and more


Apple Pay Cash features are now available to everyone with the latest iOS 11 updates, and while the improvements should make users' lives easier, there are still some questions about the service.

Though retail purchases are possible with Apple Pay Cash, the service's primary function is an easy way to transfer money between friends through iMessage. Money received via Apple Pay Cash will be stored in a digital card in the Wallet app, which users will be able to spend anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. The process is quick and easy for those who have already filed a card with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is now the simplest and most convenient way to make person to person payments on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The initiating person (the payer) loads the appropriate credit or debit cards into their phone to be used in ApplePay in the Wallet app.

Beginning today, Apple customers in the USA can use Apple Pay to send and receive money with friends and family quickly, easily and securely. They can also choose to transfer it from Apple Pay Cash to their bank account.

The latter is now available, although only for devices in the United States. iOS 11.2, released over the weekend, does also bring a number of changes, with Apple hoping that it can convince owners of older handsets and tablets to upgrade as soon as possible.

Each payment, though, will prompt you to confirm it with a passcode, your face, or fingerprint. This also means funds can not be sent to contacts with Android devices.

Is Apple Pay Cash Free To Use? Go to Settings Wallet Apple Pay Apple Pay Cash and tap the button to toggle it on.

Apple Pay Cash comes with some limitations.

If you are sending or receiving cash, there is a $1 minimum and a $3,000 maximum. When new users receive money for the first time, it's simply added to their new Apple Pay Cash card once they accept the terms.