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Google Interaction Researcher Alex Kauffmann took to the Google Research Blog to unveil three new photography apps.

Interestingly enough, Google released the Scrubbies app exclusively for iOS.

Google doesn't want to limit its photographic prowess to its own phones - it just released an initial batch of "appsperiments" that use the company's knack for computer vision and other technologies to test the boundaries of phone photography.

Google has taken the wraps off what it calls "appsperiments", an awkward moniker for a trio of new experimental apps that all center around mobile photography. "Our "appsperimental" approach was inspired in part by "Motion Stills". My favorite one is Storyboard, which lets you automatically turn your videos into a one-page comic strip.

These apps are available right now in their respective app stores for free. The idea behind the app is an individual moving around into various poses, while the app clicking a picture every time the individual stops moving. It then arranges them into a comic-book-like storyboard layout and adds one of six filters.

By the looks of it, the Storyboard app looks like an enhanced version of the Prisma app, but it is limited to Android for now. When you find your favorite, tap the display to save it to your device and then share away. "Selfissimo!" is an automated selfie photographer that snaps a black and white photograph each time the user poses.

Last up is the iOS-only Scrubbies, which lets you scratch your video like a DJ's turntable to get the desired effect.

The accessibility framework is useful to simulate text entry or screen taps, but ad fraudsters had worked out how to generate fake clicks without the user noticing, so Google started a crackdown, giving app developers 30 days to comply. After the photo session, you can review the contact sheet and save either single photographs or the entire photoshoot. It allows users to manipulate the speed and direction of video playback to produce video loops that highlight actions and replay moments. "Swipe back and forwards on the video to 'remix" it. Swipe the video with two fingers to record the playback.