YouTube Says It Deleted Over 150000 Kid Videos Targeted by Sex Predators


The Google-owned company also disabled comments for more than 625,000 videos targeted by child predators, and removed ads from almost 2 million videos and more than 50,000 channels "masquerading as family-friendly content", a YouTube spokesman said in an email statement to NBC News.

Advertising partners including Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Cadbury, and Hewlett-Packard have frozen advertising on the platform after finding their ads were being played alongside abusive content.

The blog post is reminiscent of YouTube's statement in March, after the first swarm of advertisers left the platform, and to the statement released in June, when the United Kingdom's major political parties pulled their commercials from YouTube after they appeared with videos that promoted extremist ideology.

The companies' announcements come after The New York Times posted an article that blamed YouTube follow allowing inappropriate or disturbing videos that are aimed at children to slip through the content filters.

"Pedophiles flock to such content, however, by searching for certain keywords in Russian that can bring up hundreds of young Slavic girls", The London Times reported.

Now, in a mad-scramble to avoid yet another major advertiser fallout, YouTube has once again demonetized videos on its platform. "Until we have confidence that appropriate safeguards are in place, we will not advertise on YouTube and Google".

This action comes after YouTube was found to be autofilling search results with pedophiliac terms, something that is quite alarming.

"Marketers have spent millions of dollars over many decades to build brand equity and loyalty". Designed and developed with Indian users in mind, who will be able to test the app first before a broader rollout, YouTube Go is meant to work more effectively in areas where connectivity is more limited.

While the videos appeared to be uploaded by children themselves, the comment sections were filled with sexual remarks including statements encouraging the children to perform sexual acts on camera. "Content that endangers children is abhorrent and unacceptable to us".