Voluntary living wage rate rises above £10 per hour in London


"The Movement has contacted numerous top NZ firms to invite them to be Living Wage and Vector is the first to embrace the concept".

More than 150,000 workers in the United Kingdom are set to receive a pay rise of between 30p and 45p an hour because of new rates for the voluntary living wage announced today.

The first increase in the minimum wage to $16.50 will take effect in April next year, with the goal to hit $20 an hour by 2021.

In the North West 266 employers have committed to paying staff more as the rate rises.

The foundation said the 2017 increase has been driven by inflation, as well as an increase in rent and transport costs.

"Nine out of 10 accredited living wage employers report real benefits including improved retention, reputation, recruitment and staff motivation".

Lidl claimed its rate of pay will be the highest in the supermarket sector, beating closest rival Aldi's announced increase of £8.40 an hour nationally and £9.45 in London, earlier this year.

The announcement that Auckland electricity and gas provider Vector has become a fully-accredited Living Wage employer is a landmark move says Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff.

Chapman said the national living wage was not enough to cover the true cost of living, particularly in London.

Heathrow Airport announced on Monday it had signed up to the living wage, meaning more than 3,200 of its lowest-paid workers, including cleaners and security staff, will have their weekly wages raised by up to £100 a week. "We encourage other employers in Oxford to adopt the Oxford Living Wage". "Millions of people are living in poverty despite being part of working households", TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said. Currently, businesses do not need to pay it but can sign up to it voluntarily.

The Living wage Foundation said the 3.5% rise will ensure that pay keeps pace with the real cost of living. In the capital today, more than 2 million people are struggling to make ends meet and the ethnic pay gap is shockingly and unacceptably large.