Twitter is working on a 'save for later' feature called, uninspiringly, Bookmarks


To recall, Twitter had announced in October that it is developing a bookmarking feature to save tweets.

Just over a month later, staff product designer at Twitter, Tina Koyama, gave details on the testing process the feature is now undergoing. The feature as described would basically allow users to flag their tweet to further have a look at in the future.

'We went through all the designed flows and picked the ones that are the easiest to navigate to test out with our community, ' she tweeted.

Tina Koyama, a staff product designer at Twitter, revealed the new feature through a series of tweet.

It is unknown when the new feature will be rolled out globally.

Though Bookmarks feature is available to save tweets privately, the social media giant company will provide an option to share those tweets later. However, it is a useful feature that we're sure that Twitter fans will take advantage of once it has been officially added to the app. There is no way right now to separate the tweets that your want to read later.

The company's head of product Keith Coleman had tweeted about the function in October.

Currently, if you want to save a tweet, the only way you can do it is by hitting the like button and review your likes at a later time.

Although its team is busy trying to solve major site-wide problems like the harassment epidemic and verification controversies, Twitter is also listening to users when it comes to seemingly benign UX changes.

Earlier this month the company doubled the limit for tweets to 280 characters, a bid to draw in more users and boost engagement at the social network.