Trump Foundation Seeks To Dissolve, Again


After admitting past year that some of the funds from the Donald J. Trump Foundation went to Trump himself, or other non-charitable causes, the organization is finally shutting down.

News reported Monday that Donald Trump will be closing his charitable organization, the Donald J. Trump Foundation. It also showed that the foundation donated $3 million last year, more than it had given in the previous three years combined.

A 2016 Internal Revenue Service filing filed in November and reviewed by NBC said, "The Foundation announced its intent to dissolve and is seeking approval to distribute its remaining funds". In September 2016, NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced an investigation into the foundation "to make sure it's complying with the laws governing charities in NY".

Trump Foundation collected more than $2.9 millionin contributions, gifts, grants and other income in 2016, according to a tax filing that a representative of the organization uploaded to GuideStar, a company that gathers information about all non-profit groups registered with the IRS. A spokesperson for the foundation confirmed in a statement that it is being shuttered to "cooperate with the New York Attorney General's Charities Division".

While Trump and his allies will likely spin the foundation's closing as a promise kept, it's important to remember that it's only being shut down because it was exposed as a complete sham organization.

A spokesperson for the NY attorney general's office said the foundation can not shut down because it's now under investigation.

James Sheehan, the chief of Schneiderman's charities bureau, wrote a letter to the foundation stating that it would violate state law if it continued fundraising.

Trump had reportedly used $300,000 in charitable donations to his foundation to help settle lawsuits for his private businesses or to purchase items at charity auctions. During that year's presidential race, the charity made more donations than it had from 2012 through 2015 combined.

Donald Trump, who could have funneled money from his charity into his pocket, has been under fire for not donating to the charity himself.

Popularly known as J.J. Cafaro, he was convicted in 2002 of paying a bribe to former Ohio Rep. James Traficant.