Sony Reveals Skyrim VR PSVR Bundle, New TV Spot


A new spot in its ongoing "Greatness Awaits" campaign focuses on the popular title, "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim", and touts the immersive capabilities of the gaming set's VR accessory. The announcement comes via the official PlayStation Blog and comes included with a PS VR system, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and of course, a copy of Skyrim VR. This exciting aspect of the game will hopefully make traveling across Skyrim's enormous world far easier and smoother, alleviating some of the awkwardness of VR movement. Today, Sony announced it is releasing a Skyrim PSVR bundle for PS4, which will go on sale in North America very soon. Your quest is to defeat Alduin while traveling the large map that is the province of Skyrim, and exploring the expanses of land that are readily available for you to discover.

Until now, the majority of VR games have been rather short in terms of length but Skyrim VR is the full open-world Skyrim adventure you'll find on any other platform. The prophesied hero, Dragonborn, can harness the power of dragons using The Voice; they are the only one who can stand among them, and use their power. You can take a look at the packaging below.

The Skyrim VR bundle launches on November 17 for the price of $499.99 Dollars and $579.99 CAD; both the United States version and the Canadian version are available for pre-order starting today. Skyrim VR includes the base game, as well as all of its DLC expansions: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. This updated PSVR system has enhancements done to its design, Processor, connection cable and more.

It's a lot cheaper than the original $599 PSVR bundle that was out earlier in the year, and you get quite a bit of content and hardware for the price. What are you most excited for?