See How Thing Will Look in Your Home With Amazon AR View


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AR view offers similar functionality to the Ikea Place app, which lets you virtually place furniture in whatever space you're decorating-even a subway platform. This implementation does come with a caveat of only working with iPhone 6s or higher devices that are running iOS 11. Now Amazon is doing the same thing with a feature in their app called AR View.

In possibly the biggest win for ARKit so far, Amazon has added support for viewing items in their store in your home before you purchase them using the camera on your iPhone. However, it was not very useful due to the limited product set and sort of unreal overlay.

Here's one: Amazon on Wednesday unveiled an augmented reality feature in its iOS shopping app that shows customers a 3-D rendering of how a given product will look in their home or workspace before they order it.

AR View works in a myriad of product categories including furniture, electronics, toys, games, home décor, and others. Tap the camera in the Amazon app and then tap AR View to browse products in AR. Such concepts, along with helping customers to make an informed choice about the product they are buying, also helps retailers push their sales along with lower returns.