Roger Goodell wants lifetime use of private jet, report says


Goodell will be the commissioner the next 18 months, so those in Jones' camp believe there is no reason to rush the extension. Next step: Leak to the media what Goodell is looking for.

Goodell, who now makes approximately $30 million per year, reportedly is seeking an annual salary of almost $50 million, a private jet for life and lifetime health insurance for his family.

"That number for Roger just seems too much", One NFL team owner told Schefter and Mortensen. "It's offensive. It's unseemly".

Regardless of the maneuverings and machinations that brought the information to light, the end result will be to indeed make Goodell even less popular among the public. That's a substantial bump up from the $30 million he's making right now.

Despite handfuls of protestations from owners, owners feel Goodell is not affected.

Jerry has been heated with Goodell ever since he came after Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott, who is now serving his 6-game suspension, and he has plans to overthrow the current commissioner because of that and because he has done nothing towards making players stand for the National Anthem.

That being said, the anthem protests and the disdain Goodell garners from many involved in the National Football League could see his time as commissioner come to an end.

It's not too surprising, though, considering Jones and Blank are at odds over commissioner Roger Goodell's contract extension. "He can stand to show some humility, but he won't listen to staff". Several league sources noted, however, that Jones was allowed to participate in some of the functions of that committee, despite not being formally named to it, back in the spring and summer, precisely because of his support of Goodell and his ability to move things along as an influential owner. Despite no criminal conviction Goodell suspended Elliot for six games for breaking the NFL's personal conduct policy.

Goodell found a friendlier outlet in The MMQB, which did not report the exact numbers but did suggest that Goodell has not only been open to accepting an incentive-laden deal, but he proposed one.