Rodrigo Duterte admits stabbing rival to death when he was 16


"I'd have rumbles here, rumbles there", said Duterte, who is in the Vietnamese city Danang for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

"Human rights are fundamental".

The Philippine military last month declared victory in the southern city of Marawi against militants loyal to the Islamic State extremist group, after Russian Federation sent army trucks and thousands of Kalashnikov assault rifles to Duterte.

He poke for almost an hour before the Philippine community in Vietnam, a setting the regional outlet Rappler notes typically allows Duterte to be "more casual and prone to cracking jokes".

Duterte and Trump will likely talk about the North Korean threat and the overall security situation in the region, particularly the South China Sea dispute. "Jeez. When I was a teenager, I was in and out of jail". One fight there, another here - at the age of 16, I killed someone. A person, really. During a fight. "We will remember you for all time", the President added.

"I do remember how you had to cut short your visit to Russian Federation due to terrorist attack in your country", Putin said.

"I want to pass on words of thanks from the Philippine people for the timely aid that Russian Federation provided by giving us trucks and weapons", he said as the two met on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Danang, Vietnam. "The (President) uses colourful language when (with Filipinos) overseas", Mr Roque said in a text message.

For his part, President Putin lauded President Duterte for quelling the rebellion in Marawi.

In addition to proclaiming that he had killed someone personally, Duterte went on a racially-tinged tirade against both white and black people. You are so black and arrogant.

"If you do not like me, I do not like you".

Upon winning election previous year, he implemented a drug war that has seen thousands of people killed, including children. He declared a national emergency last week.

Philippine officials have yet to find out what are really exportable and saleable, Duterte said. "When have you seen drug suspects surrender by their thousands?"

That was before Duerte became president.

Duterte called out on particular Western human rights critic, United Nations advocate Agnes Callamard. "Or I will protest, if that is the farthest I can go", he added.

He told the crowd: "I will slap her in front of you. Why?"

"I will tell them: You are too presumptuous".

Duterte reportedly looked serious when he was telling the story and advised to forget about human rights.

Rappler suggests the suggestions may be "sarcasm".