OnePlus 5T set to cost same as predecessor


The company's CEO said that prices of mobile phone components are rising faster than house prices in Shenzhen, which could indicate that the OnePlus 5T will end up being more expensive than expected. Pete Lau, the company's CEO, tweeted about the new phone and the tweet hints about the higher price of OnePlus 5T. The reason behind it is that the company's Dash Charge is better than wireless charging.

Pete Lau's comments do make sense since wireless charging needs for the phone to be placed on a pad for it to charge.

They're solid points, but it nearly sounds like he's arguing from an either/or perspective, when in reality adding wireless charging support to the OnePlus 5T wouldn't remove Dash Charge, it would just give you more choice, and surely therefore more convenience. But Dash Charge does it much faster with a cable. It may also require a more drastic redesign than we're expecting from the OnePlus 5T, since wireless charging doesn't work well through metal. The company is unaware of customer's requirement when it comes to charging their phone battery but they are pretty sure users are just going to fall in love with this feature after they actually use it. He believed that the present model of wireless charging "brings more limitations than freedom", and the available wireless charging pads, cases, tables, and even lamps are "creating constraints" for end users. "But given the current state of this technology, Dash Charge is still the superior choice", writes Lau in a blog post.

The company has also confirmed that you can buy the phone from November 21 so there will be a short wait before you will be able to get the phone. This is nice in theory, but isn't as simple as it sounds in practical, notes Lau. For now, it is good to stick with wired charging because of the speed. He believes that this - wireless technology has a lot of space to develope now.

Why no wireless charging?

"We'll consider adopting when the time is right".

Pete shared two reasons why the company has made a decision to stick with propriety Dash Charge support.