National Christmas tree shortage to impact prices


If the needles pull out easily, or if they appear a boring, lifeless green, that tree may be past its prime.

The voice was that of Michael Muldoon, explained his wife, Tanya, as she moved to pull on the seven-foot fir tree to ease the effort to wield the handsaw.

Don't leave the lights lit on the tree unless a responsible person is at home.

"A lot of people think they're allergic to real trees".

She said her family picked up a slightly smaller Christmas tree this year and it was more expensive, but it's worth it to keep their family tradition going.

The nation is seeing a shortage of Christmas trees.

On Sunday, business was popping at Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm. The fresher the tree, the less likely it will pose a fire hazard. In other words, if you are setting up multiple trees throughout your house and need to scale back the budget, spend less on the trees not front and center. He says some weather conditions were unfavorable, but overall it was a good year for Christmas tree farmers. NCTA projects the average customer will spend about $82.20 for a real tree this year.

While the Muldoon family sings to its tree before cutting it down, another group came to the county from Bergen County, all wearing Santa hats with "Nucilar" on them.

Over the past four years, 500 people have died in accidents involving debris in the road, which included Christmas trees.

When you take it indoors, remember that cooler temperatures and higher humidity will prolong the life of the tree.

"The first year we were hungry", laughed Chris Nucifora. Attach only three maximum strings of lights to any one extension cord, then place cords along walls to prevent a tripping hazard.

Make sure your tree stand holds at least one gallon of water, and a larger reservoir is better still. Although the tree will use the most water during the first week indoors, be sure to check it daily and add water as needed as long as it is up. "Please do come and visit us". "It's good, clean fun, people coming out and having fun. You might get too much rain, and some of them root-rot", Shumate said.