Lyft announces plan to launch in Toronto in December


Toronto Lyft riders will be able to enjoy the new service before the year's end.

In 2017, Lyft expanded to cover around 94 percent of US residents, up from around 60 percent at the start of the year, with multiple new markets added across the country.

The company operates in hundreds of US cities and Toronto will be its first worldwide market.

Given Lyft's staying focused on Toronto, it's unclear whether or not you can go truly insane and order a ride to, say, Vancouver. The latter company has served more than 5 billion rides so far in 560 cities, while Lyft only passed the 500 million-ride mark last month. Several thousand drivers indicated an interest through Lyft's US website before recruiting started Monday, he added.

Toronto city council introduced rules to allow the service to operate legally past year. The company is also beginning to sign up potential drivers now in advance of its rollout of its service. For example, Quebec wants drivers to complete 35 hours of training, which Uber said was not feasible for many of its drivers who have other jobs and only drive for the service part-time.

The ride-hailing service says it's recruiting drivers starting Monday in Canada's largest city and expects to begin service sometime in December. Indeed, there have been reports since the start of the year that such plans were imminent.