IPad with Face ID May Come in 2018


They asked not to be identified talking about private product development. Bloomberg reports that Cupertino is working on a new iPad, expected to be released as early as late 2018.

With the removal of the Home button, Apple will conceivably be able to create an iPad with much slimmer bezels at the top and bottom of the device.

Tablet sales have taken a 17 percent decline globally over the last three years and Apple certainly felt it.

Now the iPad may be having something of a comeback. Still, the iPad has brought Apple $4.8 billion of revenue in the past quarter alone. The new version will mark the first revamped look for the iPad since the first iPad Pro debuted in 2015. Earlier in 2017, Apple released a cheaper version priced at $329 to boost sales. In fact, the excitement surrounding the iPhone X launch was so strong that we even saw a return of large throngs of people queuing up outside of Apple retail stores on launch day and throughout the weekend. OLED screens more accurately reproduce colors, but are more hard to produce in mass quantities than standard liquid-crystal displays. The sources say it is because of a combination of financial and technical constraints, namely because Apple would need Samsung Electronics to supply these panels. As we've seen with the iPhone X, it will be replaced with FaceID as the sole method of logging in via biometrics, according to Bloomberg. Apple's facial recognition system can be used to unlock the tablet, make payments and send animated emojis, the media outlet clarified.

The new iPad will apparently not have a new OLED display, which is on the iPhone X and is more colorful than other displays. The revised iPad will also likely include a new, faster CPU, as well as an updated Apple Pencil stylus.