Google's Upcoming 'Files Go' App to Compete with Apple's AirDrop


Alongside the simple two-tab experience, the Files Go app has the integrated file transfer feature that allows you to send or receive files wirelessly. However it can be still be downloaded from APKMirror if you are willing to try out a beta software.

Share your files offline - fast & secure - with the tap of a button.

That said, the app isn't a full-fledged file manager.

You can avoid this from happening by making sure that the name you are searching on the search bar in the Play Store matches the app's name. It will also show users how much space they've used on their phone, automatically recognize apps that aren't used all that often, and recommend ways to free up space. You also will notice you can clean the app cache from here and also remove media that you recorded.

So it only makes sense that Google is working on its own version for file transfer between Android devices.

Google has silently started testing a new app called "Files Go" to provide Android users with a unified solution for all their storage management and wireless file transfer requirements.

Users can browse through all of your phone's content by downloads, received files, images, videos, audio, and documents. We have not tried the app yet to see how the feature works in practice.

Besides, the Files Go app lists all the apps that are unused on your device from the last four weeks.

So the good news is that this app is available right now through the APK. But more than just a transfer protocol between Android devices, it could potentially work for sending files from an Android device to a Chromebook and vice versa, especially now that Chromebooks run Android apps. If you once knew that the app must've cost something, then the one listed was given for free, you should start to get suspicious. To help in this situation, Google has introduced an app.

There are no details about when the app will be released.