Google alters burger emoji, with cheese atop the patty


Google has finally "corrected" the placement of the cheese slice in the burger emoji on Android, after facing some ridicule on Twitter earlier this month.

According to Emojipedia, a site that tracks the emoji universe and all its changes, the burger design has been updated in the forthcoming Android 8.1 release, announced on Monday. The new version will also replace the original version of Google's cheeseburger emoji that had the sitting cheese underneath the patty.

The emoji at first glance looked similar to other "Hamburger" or "Cheese Burger" emojis used by iOS and Windows Phone.

At the time, chief executive Sundar Pichai said he would "drop everything" to correct the cartoon. Google has now corrected it and it now contains liquid all the way to the top.

But the resulting discussion did foster some debate about the "right" way to stack cheeseburger toppings. The debate is this: Do you put the cheese above or below the patty? Not only the burger emoji but Google has fixed two more emojis that were incorrect in Android 8.0. The popular website, "The Verge first reported on Wednesday that the Android 8.1 OS will come with the new and improved Cheeseburger Emoji where the cheese comes before the patty and not the other way round as envisioned by the designer of the emoji". This was when the tech giant served Android burgers to staff at the beginning of November in its Seattle office. Moreover, the "Cheese" emoji also get a three-dimensional look to make it more realistic.

This cheeseburger conspiracy sparked quite an intense and extensive debate on social media over where the cheese should be placed in the Cheeseburger Emoji, both for Apple and Android's emojis in the recent updates. The incorrect version of a single beer glass emoji showed it half empty but with the froth magically dripping from the top.