First Iowan Death Reported This Flu Season


The flu season has just begun but Tulsa health leaders want to make sure families are taking precautions.

It prevents the flu in about 60 per cent of healthy people when the strains of viruses it contains correspond to the strains circulating.

Flu season is upon us and Camden County is making it easy for residents to get vaccinated.

The registered nurse has for weeks spent hours pushing a cart around the hospital, vaccinating employees and volunteers against the seasonal flu. The flu causes mild to severe illness and at times can lead to death.

The Snohomish Health District has developed new resources for the community at

Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Dubois County Health Department recommend getting a flu vaccine annually. This year's vaccine contains two A strains and a B strain of the virus. Oeding emphasized the importance of the vaccine for those who interact with children under 6 months old.

The vaccine's effectiveness depends on your age and the state of your immune system. The provider may charge a fee to give the vaccine, called an administration fee but you can ask for this fee to be waived if you can't afford it.

The cheaper vaccine was used, despite a stronger - but more expensive - dose being found to be more effective, especially amongst the elderly.

The CDC recommends getting vaccinated before the end of October.

The vaccine is also important for caregivers of and people who live with someone in a high-risk population.