Car Rams Into Crowd Near School in Southern France


French news channel BFMTV reported earlier that a auto "deliberately" rammed into a group of students in front a business school in Balgnac, near Toulouse, on Friday, injuring three students.

The driver attempted to drive off but was stopped by police and arrested straight away.

A suspect had been taken into custody after he rammed his vehicle into a crowd outside a college in Blagnac, near the city of Toulouse.

The man told police that he "deliberately" drove into the crowd and that he suffered from psychological disorders, according to the report. They were all transported to the hospital.

The prosecutor said the driver was known to police for about 10 minor crimes and not listed on a French register of people suspected of being radicalized by extremists. "We offer them and their families all of our support".

"The man responsible was known to police but had no history of terrorism". La Dépêche du Midi newspaper quoted him as telling police he had heard voices telling him to harm someone.

Several post-18 colleges are located on the campus, including the International Institute of Trade and Development.

Mr Couilleau said the man was driving a Renault Clio vehicle ad deliberately hit three people at a pedestrian crossing.