Bixby Voice Chinese support now in beta testing phase


Looks like that is about to change soon as the Chinese support has started its beta testing phase, with 15,000 users volunteering to try Bixby in their native language and give feedback to Samsung as to how correct the syntax is or how easy it is to use. The new update can be availed through "Samsung Experience 9.0" in the United States, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Though Samsung has not released the Android Oreo update for its devices, it's working hard on the software. While the Galaxy S8 gets the update, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to get updated very soon.

This is the first shot at Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 owners, but there are some limitations to be eligible for the program.

"Samsung Experience is created to provide Galaxy users with a consistent and seamless experience across all our mobile software, apps and services". In the United Kingdom, you only need an unlocked device. But with most other companies, you're lucky to get a security update every few months. Among the select customers will be Galaxy S8 and S8+ users, who will be able to experience the new feature that comes with Samsung Experience 9.0. This means that a lot of Chinese-speaking people are eager to have Bixby Voice on their devices, and also that there are a lot of Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Note 8. "The Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition is a recognition of this need". Alongside the latest flagships, Samsung may also bring the Oreo update to select old phones like the Galaxy S7 or J, A, and C series devices. Since beta programmes are exposed to crashes and bugs, it is wise on Samsung's end to roll out in a phased manner.